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Time's Up is delighted to announce Future Fabulators

Future Fabulators (FF) encourages European citizens to imagine, experience, explore & discuss living in a range of possible futures. It takes uncertainty as a creative challenge in creating cultural spaces in which visions of everyday life in the time ahead become tangible & debatable. FF merges the voices of futurists, scientists, artists, policy makers & economists with the voices of the experts of everyday life, aiming to raise awareness about the impact of future visions on contemporary culture & lifestyle.

FF uses techniques from Physical Narration, Context Aware Narrative & Future Pre-enactment to translate future scenarios into storyworlds that are built as immersive situations in public & private spaces, designed to be playfully explored & enacted by a broad European populace.

Starting in September 2013 we are happy to work together with our long-standing partner FoAM (BE) again, as well as new partners Madeira-ITI (PT) and AltArt (RO). With both of them we started working during PARN.