We understand the term Narrative in its wider form: the ability and even predeliction (tendency) of people to construct causal connections between situations and events, so observe and explain through a process of story-building. From the protoscientific exploration of interactive situations, the association of deities, spirits or demons to the actions of the world to the construction of conspiracy theories and astrological explanations of personality, this tendency is widespread. We see a large part of our work in the construction of experimental situations that encourage the open-ended exploration of their properties and capacities, allowing and supporting subjective explanations, communication amongst visitors and multiple models of action and reaction in the strange physics of the space.

This understanding of our work has only emerged after years of development and observation. In the past years developments have led to two distinct areas of further development: the more physical, open ended, playful and explorative experiences of physical spaces that allow and encourage a more protoscientific approach by the visitor, ignoring any psychologicalisations of their actions and intentions and the development of more character based environments that encourage a human-oriented psychological understanding of human spaces and interactions.

We initiated the EU-project PARN (2011-13) and currently take a next step with FUTURE FABULATORS (2013-15)